Day, Summer, After School Programs


The incredible activities, reliable round-trip transportation, and the energetic, skilled and happy staff are just a few of the many great things about participating in Eaton Alliance’s day, summer and after-school programs. Activities are chosen and planned—not only by visionary, compassionate program managers—but also by the interests and suggestions of the individuals we serve. They include trips to Lagoon, libraries, various parks and attractions, animal shelters, horse farms, museums, sporting events, and many other adventures and outings. Activities are sometimes “low-key” as well, such as spending the day at the program site working on crafts or art projects, experimenting with music, dancing and singing, and enjoying time with friends and staff in the programs. In most cases, Eaton Alliance staff members pick up and drop off the individuals who participate in our community-based activity programs. This provides bonus time for participants and staff to spend together laughing, talking, enjoying music and engaging with one another, and an opportunity to see where other participants and friends live—not to mention sparing family members and caregivers significant travel time and gas expenditures. Participation in Eaton Alliance’s activity programs provides our individuals an opportunity to diversify their experiences, to have tons of fun, and to build profound friendships.