Host Home and Professional Parenting


Eaton Alliance is very proud of its host home and professional parenting program. For individuals whose needs, personalities, or preferences are not suited to a traditional group home setting, we have a wide variety of competent, loving host homes and professional parents who embrace and exemplify the EA mantra of striving to “be the kind of provider that we would entrust our loved ones to.” Often our host home and professional parenting program is compared to foster care, and the average placement is for an eight-year duration. Our clients, whose intellectual disabilities range from Autism Spectrum Disorder to Down Syndrome to brain injuries, etc., are entrusted to thoughtfully and thoroughly screened parents and/or families who have been trained in CPR, First Aid, and CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute behavioral intervention), as well as other regularly renewed certifications and monthly training sessions. Eaton Alliance goes to great lengths to equip contractors to be educated and prepared caregivers for our diverse clientele with its widely various needs. Each home is inspected for safety, reasonable order and cleanliness and comfort. Each host and professional parent not only passes a background check but also has been recommended by reputable acquaintances for his/her character and ability to provide loving, competent care. Host home and professional parent contractors with Eaton Alliance participate in group activities together, and they support one another in their endeavors to provide excellent care, often providing respite care for one another’s individuals in services. Many host homes clients take advantage of Eaton Alliance’s community-based day programs, often including round-trip transportation, as well as other community schools and day programs. As with all of our programs, Eaton Alliance encourages the continual interest and involvement of the individuals’ families and natural supports for our host home and professional parent placements.