Residential Services


Throughout Utah, Eaton Alliance has clean, attractive, safe and happy group homes where 24-hour assistance is offered by caring residential program managers and conscientiously chosen staff. Individuals who live in our group homes have the healthy experience of living with roommates whose needs and interests are common to their own. They experience the dignity and enjoyment of living in a household in which they contribute and make decisions, and where they have their own rooms decorated by or for them with their individuality and personalities in mind. Cupboards and refrigerators are stocked with foods that residents choose and purchase, furnishings and décor are often reflective of the tastes and preferences of the homes’ occupants, and activities inside the home and in the community are often chosen by household members. Our experienced staff includes caregivers whose training ranges from working with individuals whose needs and behaviors are mild and minimal to the most profound needs and severe behaviors; many also specialize in providing life coaching to those we support to venture out of comfort zones and into new realms of positive experiences, goal realization and progress.