Vocational Rehabilitation


Eaton Alliance Employment Services is a dynamic vendor for Vocational Rehabilitation staffed by an energetic, positive and compassionate corps of job coaches. Our VR team offers visionary, persevering guidance through every milestone of the employment process, including skills assessment, job development, job placement, job coaching and long-term job retention. Each team member is an ardent believer in the potential and employability of virtually any individual who desires to work. Each is trained to implement a “customized employment” approach for the individuality and interests and skill set of the clients they assist. Each is also trained to employ “out-of-the-box” approaches and ideas in order to help yield the ultimate “win-win” employment relationship between the client and the employer. Our VR team works closely alongside family members, counselors, service brokers, and all other client supports in order to help clients obtain and maintain meaningful employment. They advocate in behalf of the clients to the employers, and they support and guide clients in successful work practices and ethics such as regular attendance, completion of tasks, demonstrating value as an employee and receiving and applying feedback.