To be the kind of provider that we would want serving our own loved ones.

Providing around the clock living solutions to people with Autism and other developmental disabilities in all aspects of life in a variety of programs. Creating structure and employing caring staff with proven methods.

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Throughout Utah, Eaton Alliance has clean, attractive, safe and happy group homes where 24-hour assistance is offered by caring residential program managers and conscientiously chosen staff.


Day, Summer, After School

The incredible activities, reliable round-trip transportation, and the energetic, skilled and happy staff are just a few of the many great things about participating in Eaton Alliance’s  programs.

 Supported Living

The supported living program at Eaton Alliance offers purposeful and valuable scheduled time during which patient, competent staff become mentors who provide individualized attention…

 Supported Employment

Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities soar in their self-confidence and personal fulfillment when they perform meaningful, valued tasks in jobs that gratify their interests and utilize their unique capabilities.

 Host Home/Pro Parenting

For individuals whose needs, personalities, or preferences are not suited to a traditional group home setting, we have a wide variety of competent, loving host homes and professional parents…

 Respite Care

Eaton Alliance knows that families and contractors need and deserve occasional breaks from the routine of their caregiving, and we have an excellent, reliable corps of respite providers…

 Behavorial Services

A sensitive, perceptive and expert group of individuals constitute the behavioral services team at Eaton Alliance.

 Vocational Rehabilitation

Eaton Alliance Employment Services is a dynamic vendor for Vocational Rehabilitation staffed by an energetic, positive and compassionate corps of job coaches.

 Mental Health Services

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"Eaton Alliance is the best care provider in the area. They go out of their way to provide individualized care to all its individuals. Eaton Alliance has provided a great relief to me and my family. My boys have progressed in their care, far past my expectations. Horray for Eaton Alliance and its employees. Dave and Todd take great risks and liabilities trusting employees to do the right thing and help the clients grow and blossom. Eaton Alliance is a gift to us all…families and employees. God bless all involved in loving the clients especially my beautiful special sons. Three plus years in the care of Eaton Alliance….Happy Momma"

− Julie B

"Eaton Alliance staff are the best."

− Connie C

"I am so very thankful for Eaton Alliance and their team. Me, my family, and most importantly our son, have never been treated better. I can say our son has done nothing but improve since he has been with them."

− Val H

"My son has been with Eaton Alliance since the beginning. He has changed from bad to good while under their care. They have made huge progress where other well-trained professionals were struggling. They’re the best!"

− Sam S

"They have the resources and personalities that take the clients to their full potential."

− Anne P


We believe that a program should be tailored to the specific needs and wants of the individual.