We strive to be the kind of provider that we would entrust our loved ones to.


We, the people of EATON Alliance, humbly desire to make a positive and indelible dent in the universe. We intend to accomplish this grandiose and ambitious endeavor by using the vehicles of love and service to others. We will make all company decisions based on a Christian concern for all men. We desire to improve and enrich the lives of each and every soul whose path we cross: ourselves, our families, our employees, our clients, and all other affiliated parties. We believe it is a privilege and a gift from Heavenly Father to live now, in tremendous and terrible times, in this great God-given country, and we intend to utilize this privilege to better all mankind and wear out our mortalities in the vineyard of service.


Eaton Alliance is a community-based service provider for individuals with disabilities, offering an array of services to suit the unique needs and objectives of youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as traumatic brain injuries. Our services range from thoughtfully chosen group homes, to loving and safe host homes, to competent and purposeful supported living care, to enriching and amusing day and after-school programs. Each of our programs is designed to promote opportunities to:

  • make daily choices;
  • work toward their own goals;
  • have happy learning and leisure experiences that are aligned with their unique interests;
  • contribute in consequential ways to their own living situations;
  • gain psychosocial development;
  • increase their participation and involvement in the community.

Parents, families, natural supports, medical providers and caseworkers are all meaningfully included on the empowering teams that provide stability, fulfillment and quality to the lives of individuals we serve. Each individual in Eaton Alliance services is offered competent care by thoroughly trained, carefully selected and uniquely talented and compassionate staff members who all share the common goal and mantra of being the kind of caregiver we would want serving our own loved ones. The result is a vast and deeply committed extension to the families of each of our individuals in care.
Eaton Alliance is funded by the Department of Services for People with Disabilities, with private pay models on request.